Melina Sánchez Montañés

Melina Sánchez Montañés

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The Skinny on Shortages, Part II

In our first post we explained the apparent paradox of shortages in a time of increased consumption, suggesting that the core problem was Venezuela’s ever increasing dependence on imports confronted by a finite supply of dollars. While GDP per capita only grew by 15%...

The Skinny on Shortages, Part I

In the midst of widespread shortages of basic consumer items in Venezuela, the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) gave the country special recognition for its achievements in fighting hunger. According to the international organization, Venezuela...

Where Does the Venezuelan Economy Stand?

Venezuela’s May economic numbers were dismal with inflation reaching a 35.2% annualized rate, growth at a 0.7% snail’s pace, and widespread scarcities of basic consumer products. How is this “stagflation” possible in an economy benefiting from oil prices over $100 per...

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Geoff Ramsey

Geoff Ramsey

Director for Venezuela @GRamsey_LatAm

David Smilde

David Smilde

WOLA Senior Fellow and the Charles A. and Leo M. Favrot Professor of Human Relations at Tulane University


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Venezuela Program Associate