Venezuela’s media context has changed more in the past two years under the government of Nicolas Maduro than it did in the previous fourteen under Chavez, with major outlets changing ownership (see here, here, and here), the growth of web-based portals, and the continued expansion of the government’s media profile.

In theory this could mean a more diverse offering that provides the information citizens seek. However, it could also mean that traditional media has lost its edge, while government media serves its master, leaving a gap yet to be filled by web-based portals.

What do average Venezuelans think? We added the following question to Datanálisis’ May Omnibus poll to find out.

Compared to a couple of years ago, what do you think of the quality of the information you are receiving from the media today?

The results (see above) are striking. About fifty-eight percent of respondents say the information they receive from the media is worse than a couple of years ago. Around 30% suggest it is the same. Perhaps most indicative is that less than ten percent of respondents think the information has improved.