Friends of WOLA Rafael Uzcategui and Verónica Zubillaga put together a poll for Venezuelans to express their support for a peaceful, democratic resolution of Venezuela’s conflict. It is still open for signatures until Friday. Here is the text in English:

For a peaceful, electoral, democratic and sovereign solution for Venezuela.

We, a group of Venezuelans of different backgrounds and divergent political thoughts, think it is urgent and necessary, in this moment, to put aside our differences and advocate conjointly to fulfill general well being, with a proposal that implies the resolution of the actual conflict in a peaceful, electoral, democratic and sovereign way. We believe that this will be possible if we promote the following principles and actions, which we urgently exhort you to comply with:

1) Rejection of wrongful military intervention from foreign governments, whichever their flag is, as well as any type of armed exit that involves the use of force.

2) Promotion of peaceful mechanisms, such as the appreciation for the solidarity and the efforts of the countries that support negotiations.

3) The call for a democratic, trustworthy, inclusive and transparent electoral process, where prominence is yielded to the people of Venezuela.

4) Support for democratic alternation, which is regarded as the best way to guarantee current and future coexistence, the complete enjoyment of human rights, and the resolution of conflicts without annihilating ourselves, through the participation of political organizations of any ideology, under equal conditions.