Tomorrow, February 18 at 9:30 local time, hearings will continue in the Provea and Sociedad Homo et Natura trial, at the 8th Tribunal of Protection of Children and Adolescents of Caracas. According to a note published on Provea´s web page, tomorrow the tribunal will hear an exposition by Provea Director Marino Alvardo, a reply by the Public Attorney, Doris Santiago, a counter reply by the defending lawyers and then again a final response by Santiago.

Provea and Sociedad Homo et Natura are on trial for their support of a protest carried out by members of the Yukpa indigenous group at the Supreme Justice Tribunal (TSJ) in July, 2010. The Yukpas protested with their families, including children, against land grabs, murders and judicial pursuit of their leaders. On July 27th 2010, Public Attorney Ramón Liscano (he has since been replaced by Doris Santiago) accused the human rights organizations that supported the Yukpas of endangering the lives of 47 children and adolescents that participated in the protest at the TSJ.

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