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Pacts, negotiations, understanding, and dialogue are essential elements of a healthy democracy. However, in Venezuela, as well as in other societies, there are often barriers to establishing and maintaining spaces for open dialogue. For several years, certain actors and sectors of Venezuelan society have articulated themselves in a dynamic referred to as “Social Dialogue.” The Social Dialogue coalition is born out of the desire to construct a solution to the current crisis through understanding, mutual recognition of roles, aspirations and positions between political actors and the various social sectors in Venezuela. How did the idea of such a space come to be? Who participates in this dynamic? What challenges have actors faced in the construction of this social dialogue? What proposals have citizens planted, and what aspirations do the members of this space have? How can we develop a civil society that is autonomous and independent? During the tenth and final event in the Venezuela Conversa series on Wednesday, June 2 at 4:00 p.m., Deborah Van Berkel, Colette Capriles, and Eugenio Martinez will exchange opinions about these important questions.