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What type of democracy do we want in Venezuela? Have we reached a consensus about the institutional model that would allow us to coexist in peace and stability? What relationship is there between this possible democracy and the rentier model? What are the greatest challenges that we face in designing our future? “Toward a New Democracy” is the subject which will be addressed in this second virtual meeting of ‘Venezuela Speaks’, which will take place on Wednesday, February 10, in which Venezuelan political scientists Maryhen Jiménez (PhD from the University of Oxford) and Michael Penfold (PhD from Columbia University) will converse with journalist Eugenio Martínez about diverse themes relating to the construction of a new democracy. In this exchange, the panelists will address the role of the citizenry, the political parties and Venezuela’s diaspora population, the challenges posed by inequality, poverty, polarization, the fragility of the Venezuelan state and its authoritarian legacy.

‘Venezuela Speaks: An open window for transformation’ is a series of discussions among experts who converse transparently about different topics related to the Venezuelan reality. An initiative by the Citizen Movement Dale Letra for Diálogo Social, in alliance with el Servicio de Información Pública, Caracas Ciudad Plural, Fedecámaras Radio, Radio Comunidad, Radio Fe y Alegría, Efecto Cocuyo y Contrapunto; is an initiative that seeks to promote spaces of understanding and reinforce democratic values in the citizenry, to support the construction of a shared vision of the future among Venezuelans, and to create the conditions necessary for the construction of a National Democratic Accord.

Confirmed by 10 biweekly meetings, ‘Venezuela Speaks’ is a cycle which altogether provides us with a timely image of the political, social, judicial, and economic scenario which determines the everyday life of Venezuelans. This initiative offers us potential paths for transformation from this current reality, featuring specialists that explore themes such as: the exercise of power and democracy; justice and institutional strengthening; inclusion and a new social contract; the citizen comptroller’s role in public management; the post-pandemic economy and sustainable development; freedom of expression; citizenship and democracy; and Diálogo Social as a proposal of civil society.

This event will take place on Wednesday, February 10, at 3:00 p.m. EST via Zoom, with a simultaneous livestream transmitted by the Movimiento Ciudadano Dale Letra YouTube channel, as well as through Radio Fe y Alegría, Fedecámaras Radio, Radio Comunidad y Contrapunto Radio. Simultaneous interpretation from Spanish to English will be provided.