I published a piece on Juan Guaidó’s international trip and the outlook for Venezuela’s opposition push for a return to democracy. The folks at WPR were nice enough to whitelist the link from this blog, so you can access the piece here without hitting the paywall.

The key paragraph is probably this one here:

“A meeting between Guaido and Trump could still happen, but the politics are complex, and not in Guaido’s favor. Trump’s Venezuela policy is less about Venezuela than it is about winning reelection in the U.S. in November, and it is not clear that a close association with Guaido is a net positive for that goal. Radical members of Venezuela’s opposition, many of whom live in the key swing state of Florida, blame Guaido’s willingness to negotiate with the Maduro government for undermining foreign pressure and even reducing the possibility of military intervention. When Guaido suggested this week that Cuba could be “part of the solution,” he was fiercely criticized by some Venezuelans on social media. Michael Kozak, the top U.S. diplomat for Western Hemisphere affairs, also quickly wrote on Twitter that “Cuba is not the solution to the Venezuelan people’s problems.” Guaido was then obliged to release a statement excoriating Cuba for its support of Maduro.”