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About the Blog

Venezuelan Politics and Human Rights is a blog hosted by the Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA). It is a unique resource for journalists, policymakers, academics, activists, and others interested in understanding and following Venezuelan politics and human rights.

The contributors provide in-depth analysis on Venezuelan politics and the political crisis. They highlight the advocacy efforts of civil society partners in Venezuela and throughout the hemisphere to offer a unique perspective that goes beyond polarized political debates.

The Contributors

Geoff Ramsey is WOLA’s Director for Venezuela. He is an avid observer of the situation in Venezuela—having helped coordinate WOLA’s response to and coverage of the December 2015 legislative elections from Caracas—as well as a regular contributor to the Venezuelan Politics and Human Rights blog.

David Smilde is a WOLA Senior Fellow and the Charles A. and Leo M. Favrot Professor of Human Relations at Tulane University. He has lived in or worked on Venezuela since 1992. He is co-editor of Venezuela’s Bolivarian Democracy: Participation, Politics, and Culture under Chavez (Duke 2011), and is currently working on a book project called Venezuela’s Transition to Illiberalism.

Kristen Martinez-Gugerli is WOLA’s Program Associate for Venezuela. She facilitates outreach with governments, civil society partners and other stakeholders. She researches and writes about Venezuela’s political crisis, the humanitarian emergency, and has closely followed the displacement crisis.

History of the Blog

Venezuelan Politics and Human Rights was founded by David Smilde in 2012 to provide independent, reality-based analysis of events in Venezuela and curated by him until 2020. From 2012 to 2017 Hugo Pérez Hernáiz, Rebecca Hanson and Timothy Gill were regular contributors. From 2017 Geoff Ramsey and more recently Dimitris Pantoulas and Kristen Martínez-Gugerli have contributed. In 2020 Geoff Ramsey took over curatorial duties.

About WOLA

WOLA is a leading research and advocacy organization committed to advancing human rights in the Americas. We create strategic partnerships with courageous people making social change—advocacy organizations, academics, religious and business leaders, artists, and government officials. Together, we advocate for more just societies in the Americas.


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