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ICC Opens Formal Investigation Into Crimes Against Humanity in Venezuela

On November 3, upon concluding a three-day visit to Venezuela, International Criminal Court (ICC) Prosecutor Karim Khan announced that the body is opening a formal investigation into crimes against humanity committed by civilian authorities, members of the armed forces and pro-government individuals in the context of protests and repression that have occurred since 2017.

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International Organizations Express Concern Regarding Administrative Providence that Seeks to Criminalize and Restrict Work of Civil Society Organizations in Venezuela

On September 24, WOLA joined CEJIL, DPLF, and several other organizations in issuing a joint statement expressing concern around an administrative ruling that seeks to criminalize and restrict the critical work that civil society organizations are doing in Venezuela.

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Geoff Ramsey

Geoff Ramsey

Director for Venezuela @GRamsey_LatAm

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David Smilde

WOLA Senior Fellow and the Charles A. and Leo M. Favrot Professor of Human Relations at Tulane University


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