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As President Barack Obama visited Latin America, this weekend he assured leaders they can expect continued stability in U.S. relations with the region.

“The friendships we’ve established with countries like Peru, the reopening of diplomatic relations with Cuba, investments we’re making in trade, environmental policies and so forth — all those things I expect to continue,” said Obama told a group of students in Peru.

Still, many wonder what the future holds for relations with countries like Peru, Venezuela and Cuba.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said on Sunday he hopes for improved relations after calling now President-elect, Donald Trump, a “bandit and thief” last year.

We talk about the future of U.S. relations with Venezuela and Latin America with David Smilde, senior fellow at the Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA). He’s curator of WOLA’s Venezuelan Politics and Human Rights blog and co-authored the edited volume, Venezuela’s Bolivarian Democracy: Participation, Politics and Culture under Chávez.

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