Thirty-three human rights groups have signed on to a letter to UNASUR urging it to develop a plan of action that will facilitate dialogue and reinforce respect for human rights in Venezuela. Among the Venezuela groups signing the letter are PROVEA, Espacio Publico, and CIVILIS. Among the international groups are Amnesty International, Conectas, and WOLA.

The press release is notable insofar as it is oriented not to a particular government but to UNASUR, recognizing its importance as a regional body. It calls for UNASUR to re-establish a process of dialogue, and to come up with a working plan for: revision of Resolution 8610 (which allows the Venezuelan Armed Forces to police protests), an end to preventable detentions, and the strengthening of both the judicial system and the ombudsman’s office.

The letter can be read in English here, and in Spanish here.