In early March I tabulated the deaths that had occurred in the first month of the cycle of protests that started in early February. Here is an update after two months of protests.

El Universal now lists 35 deaths through April 9.

*Among the dead are: 14 opposition activists, 4 government supporters, 10 citizens not participating in the protests, 7 members of the security forces (6 National Guardsman and one member of the National Police).

*3 deaths are directly attributable to security forces, 22 from shots fired by unidentified gunmen. 6 have died in accidents caused by barricades, 4 in accidents occurring during the course of protests.

*Of the 22 shot by unidentified gunmen, 7 are opposition activists, 4 are government supporters, 7 are members of the security forces, 4 are nonparticipants.