On behalf of Hugo Pérez Hernáiz, Tim Gill and Becca Hanson I’d like to wish our readers a restful and happy holiday season and an excellent new year.

I normally might express a hope that 2015 will be better year for Venezuela. But that possibility appears remote. Economic hardship seems assured and political conflict likely. We will be here doing our best to make sense of it, maintaining our critical focus while treating the people we analyze with the respect they deserve.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the WOLA staff for their support. Geoff Thale and John Walsh consistently put aside their own work to provide timely comment on our pieces. Kristel Mucino and Jessamine Bartley-Matthews work hard behind the scenes to increase the blog’s exposure. Joy Olson and the rest are quick with a good word, and professional in their critical nudges. The blog is what is because of their contributions.

All the best for 2015.