Adam Isacson, WOLA Director for Defense Oversight, recently visited Cúcuta, Colombia, on the border with Venezuela.  According to Isacson:

“What we saw was powerful and upsetting—large number of Venezuelans crossing the border, carrying all their belongings in just a few pieces of luggage. People are doing whatever they can to get out of Venezuela. Colombian authorities appear to be trying at least to channel the crowd and order the migration process. But they’re undermanned and overwhelmed.”

Below are a series of pictures taken at the Simon Bolivar bridge, one of the main border crossing between Colombia and Venezuela. Read his reflections on the visit here.

Feb. 20, 2018 – Large numbers of Venezuelans have crossed into Cucuta, carrying their belongings in a few pieces of luggage.



Feb. 20, 2018 – The crowd outside the Colombian civil registry office near Cúcuta’s Francisco de Paula Santander University. Taken after 5pm—closed for the day, or nearly so.