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The extradition of Alex Saab, a close ally of Nicolás Maduro, to the United States this month has made headlines across the world, and has shed a light on the enormous and transnational scale of corruption in Venezuela. In the context of political negotiations in Mexico between the opposition and the Maduro government—now suspended out of protest to the Saab case—we have seen that this government is willing to circumvent international justice for crimes against humanity. The approval of a country visit by the ICC Chief Prosecutor is significant in this sense; but given the implications of the Saab case, it would seem that a limiting factor of any negotiation is the lack of accountability for acts of corruption being investigated in other jurisdictions.

This event, hosted by the Due Process of Law Foundation (DPLF) and Transparencia Venezuela and featuring WOLA Senior Fellow David Smilde, will discuss the criminal investigations into corruption in Venezuela currently open in other jurisdictions, such as in the United States, examining the achievements and challenges that they present. Additionally, the panelists will assess the impact of these investigations in third countries in the context of a potential transition in Venezuela.

View a recording of the full event in Spanish below: