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Documento de Trabajo: Los esfuerzos internacionales de construcción de la paz en el inextricable conflicto de Venezuela

Atravesando nuestro análisis es la idea de que es normal que un conflicto serio viera iniciativas multiples que surgen y se agotan, siendo reemplazado por nuevos esfuerzos. La clave es que se construyen sobre lo que ya ha ocurrido en lugar de comenzar de nuevo cada vez. Vemos este progreso en los cuatros procesos.

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5 Takeaways from U.S. Individual Sanctions: a Key to U.S. Strategy in Venezuela

As the crisis in Venezuela drags on and Nicolás Maduro continues to cling to power, many in Washington are evaluating ways to put additional pressure on actors in the government. While some have suggested that it is time to begin pursuing indictments against figures in Maduro’s inner circle, so far the U.S. government has relied on offers of relief to key sanctioned figures to get them to flip. A look at events in recent weeks suggests there is increasing evidence that these offers of sanctions relief—a much more flexible tool than indictments—have advanced the dominant U.S. strategy of sowing divisions around Maduro.

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FAQ: Venezuela’s Crisis Explained

In recent days, Venezuela’s deep political crisis has captured headlines with news of daily protests, reports of violent repression, and increasing international tensions. With events accelerating, here we respond to some of the most common key questions about recent developments.

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Geoff Ramsey

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David Smilde

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