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Venezuela is suffering a severe and prolonged economic crisis. Processes such as the destruction of the production infrastructure, the weakening of the national oil industry, hyperinflation, currency devaluation, and de facto dollarization are all part of the experience of the Venezuelan population, which suffers every day from the onslaught of the economic collapse. How can Venezuela overcome this debacle? Some experts believe that the rentier model has come to an end; others believe that oil and mining resources should be exploited under any circumstance. Is it time to reconsider the foundations of the Venezuelan economy? What kind of economy does the country need to ensure both economic growth and collective well-being? What sources of income will Venezuela be able to rely on to activate its economy, and in which sectors should medium and long-term investments be made? Is the rentier model compatible with sustainable development? Should citizens participate in the country’s economic reconstruction? What would be the appropriate space for citizen participation in such a process? Antulio Rosales (PhD University of Waterloo and Balsillie School), Asdrúbal Oliveros (Analytical Director) and Maryhen Jiménez (PhD, University of Oxford) will address these questions in the seventh virtual meeting of Venezuela Conversa, “Post Pandemic Economy and Sustainable Development”, on April 21 at 4 pm EDT. The meeting will be streamed on Dale Letra’s YouTube channel as well as through Radio Fe y Alegría, Radio Comunidad y Fedecamaras Radio.