Did Maduro Sideline Diosdado Cabello?

Coverage of Nicolas Maduro’s authoritarian consolidation of power in Venezuela has mostly focused on his success in dividing and neutralizing the opposition, as well as maintaining control of the military and intelligence apparatus. But in recent days Maduro may have...

Q&A: Demystifying the Failed Silvercorp Operation

On May 3, 2020, a group of mercenaries attempted to enter Venezuela through the port city of La Guaira with stated intentions to capture de facto President Nicolás Maduro and transport him to the United States. The ambitious military raid failed immediately as Venezuelan security forces intercepted mercenaries at the border, leaving eight dead and at least 10 individuals

In Responding to the Global Pandemic, Fleeing Venezuelans Fall Through the Cracks

As most countries across the hemisphere prioritize national responses to the COVID-19 pandemic, little attention has been paid to the needs of the world’s refugee and migrant populations. This is particularly true for the more than 5 million Venezuelans who have fled to neighboring countries since 2015, the majority of whom are without regular status in their host countries.

Can Venezuela Salvage an Electoral Agreement?

Recent days have seen several major blows to the hope of naming a new, credible National Electoral Council (CNE) in Venezuela that can oversee free and fair elections. But despite recent setbacks, there may be a slim window of opportunity to forge a last-ditch...

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